How to install CMPy


CMPy is not publicly available. It is currently limited to members of Dr. Crutchfield’s research group.

CMPy requires Python 2.5 or higher. Python 3.0 is not (yet) supported.

There are only two required dependencies:
and a few optional dependencies:

Unless stated otherwise, newer versions of the packages should work as well.

The easiest way to be sure you have a python installation capable of running CMPy is to install the Enthought Python Distribution, EPD (version 6.1 or higher). It also includes the best environment to run CMPy in, IPython.

To install the latest version of CMPy, first check it out from the repository:

$ git clone git://

If you are a developer, then your public key will be used via:

$ git clone

Now, install CMPy using your favorite method:

$ python install
$ python install --user
$ python install --prefix=~/

if you’re installing globally, locally on Python 2.6 or higher, or locally on Python 2.5 or less, respectively. In the final option, be sure to set your PYTHONPATH appropriately.

CMPy includes Cython optimizations which are not enabled, by default. To enable optimizations, you must pass --cython as a command-line parameter. For example:

$ python install --cython --user

For additional (possibly outdated) information, see the CMPy wiki.